After the flood…..

“Somebody asked me to describe a day at work. Well, I said, the day I have in mind began with  people all at sea, they were awash with worry and felt like everything important was floating away to oblivion. There was a tidal wave of frustration among the team, and we renamed our manager ‘Noah’ because she spent the whole day in a nark. We thought we’d never again find a safe haven.

 Dear me, the person said, it must be so demanding working with people with a life-limiting illness. No no, I replied. People with a life limiting illness might need time, space and support to understand their situation, but usually discover they are hugely resourceful and resilient.

 I wasn’t talking about a day with clients, I was talking about the day of our flood!”

 (For those who didn’t know, the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre suffered a dreadful flood in July which damaged many parts of the downstairs floor of the building. Repairs are underway and staff hope to relocate back to their own offices shortly.)

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