As Christmas approaches…….

At the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre we try to support people through the highs and lows of cancer and its treatment. As Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious and secular festivals approach, we know it can be a difficult time for those experiencing cancer first hand or have a loved one going through it. Many of us associate events such as Christmas with seeing family and friends, parties and lots of eating and drinking. It is a time of celebration. Having to face difficult decisions, treatments and uncertainty, while the world around you is enjoying the festive season, can be very hard. Emotions— both joyful and tearful — can be heightened.

Cancer Research UK has some helpful advice regarding this:

There will also be extra demands on our energy and time. For some practical advice and ideas:

For some people, it will be the first Christmas without a loved family member, and for others, yet another Christmas without them. Christmas and other significant birthdays and anniversaries can feel especially painful and distressing. Some people find it helpful to plan ahead to do something meaningful on those days, such as visiting a special place, being with friends and family, marking their absence in a significant way such as lighting a candle, or seeking spiritual solace. We need to find our own way and do what’s right for us.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year from all at The Macmillan Wellbeing Centre.

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