Wellbeing Counselling Service

Being told that we or someone close to us has cancer can be a devastating experience. The diagnosis, treatment, side-effects, and ongoing uncertainties, can raise distressing feelings such as shock, fear, anxiety, sadness, helplessness and insecurity.

Serious illness and treatments can also have an impact on other aspects of our life, including energy levels, self esteem, confidence, our appearance, relationships, work, social life and finances. These emotions and changes can be difficult to deal with.

Many people can get support from family and friends. However, feeling that we need to protect loved ones from our innermost worries and concerns, may prevent us from talking freely. Sometimes we may feel we have no one to talk to. It can be easier to talk with someone outside our usual circle, such as a counsellor who is trained to listen and help us work through our distress and difficulties.

Counselling can help you to:

  • Untangle your thoughts and feelings
  • Look at your options
  • Develop your ability to cope and feel more in control
  • Make decisions
  • Communicate your wishes to others
  • Feel supported and less isolated`

For more information about counselling please see the Wellbeing Counselling Service leaflet or if you are already coming to the Centre speak with your Care Co-ordinator.

Bereavement counselling

The counselling service also works with bereaved people (who have suffered a loss through any cause of death).

Adjusting to the loss of an important person and the changes this may bring to our lives, can be a painful and stressful experience.  If we allow ourselves to go through this natural reaction we are more likely to be able to enjoy meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling lives again.

Grief is a very individual experience, with no specific time limit or ways of thinking or behaving.  The Wellbeing Counselling Service allows people the time and space to explore thoughts and feelings that are causing difficulties.

Please contact the counselling team on 0161 746 2084 for further guidance or advice.

Leaflets & Forms


LEAFLET – Wellbeing Couns Service

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