‘Hold Fast to that which is Good’

I made a recent trip to the Trafford Centre, during the Christmas sales! Glutton for punishment? Fool hardy, I know. The outing was at the request of a visiting family friend who had never been to our temple of delights. And as often happens when you look through the eyes of a stranger, you see things you’d missed before. In my case, it was the glittering letters above the entrance, “Hold fast to that which is good”.  Wondering what on earth that had to do with shopping, I Googled it when I got back home. Apparently, the saying is, “Test all things; hold fast to that which is good”.

Coping with cancer is rarely far from my thoughts (dealing with the enforced changes to our lives, the choices removed, the anxiety, the waiting, the not knowing – I could go on), and this short phrase struck me as one of those possible tenets for helping to deal with cancer. As in, try things out, dismiss what doesn’t cut the mustard for you, and carry on with the things that do help you. Experiment with different activities, routines, or ideas, but don’t waste precious time and energy on things that don’t work well for you.

I think another possible interpretation, which can also improve everyone’s sense of wellbeing, is about appreciating the small and large, day to day pleasures in our life. We can do this by savouring small joys when they occur. For example, focussing on the pleasure of time spent with family, relishing good friends’ laughter, savouring the scent of roses, heartfelt hugs, the taste of hot, buttered toast – hanging  onto those moments that lift our spirits – ‘Hold fast to that which is good’. Have a think about what your small joys are, and enjoy them. Much easier than traipsing through the Trafford Centre with a million other shoppers!

And my visitor? She adored eating Millie’s Cookies in the ‘Titanic’!

Glynnis Morris, Supportive Care Co-ordinator

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