Small Changes…….part 2

Take time to smell the roses and appreciate their fragrance

Gratitude (and its sibling, appreciation) is the mental tool we use to remind ourselves of the good stuff. It’s a lens that helps us to see the things that don’t make it onto our lists of jobs or problems to be solved. It’s a spotlight that we shine on the people and good things in life.

These are some of the things from our HOPE course that we were thankful for:

‘A whole night’s unbroken sleep.’   

‘Check-ups have moved from 2 monthly to 3 monthly’

‘Enjoyment of swimming. I might do it again next week.’   

‘Glad to have Nicky home’     

‘Not working as hard or as often’   

‘Somebody else put my bins out for collection’

 ‘Having the stamina to bake and clean up afterwards’    

‘All OK at Christie check-up’

 ‘Having a nap in the afternoon’    

‘Heard my favourite record on the radio’

Gratitude doesn’t make problems and threats disappear. But it is amazing how it isn’t the big things, but rather the ordinary moments which make life so special. You will end up with an amazing collection of them and more importantly your life with change.

Here are a few tips for starting a gratitude journal.

1.Keep a notepad and pen by your bed, so it’s always easy to find. Ask yourself, “What am I thankful for today?” “What am I pleased about?”  or “What went well?”

2.Write when you want to, but preferably daily to begin with. This is supposed to be enjoyable, so write when it feels right, with the idea of making the practice a part of your life. You will probably find that once you get started you will naturally write often and your thoughts won’t feel forced.

3.Keep it simple. Write simple things you are grateful for. The idea is to capture happiness and not feel like the journal is a chore.

4.It is vitally important to immerse yourself in the positive emotions that each item evokes for you

Practicing gratitude is a simple activity that improves our wellbeing and increases our resilience to knocks. Why not give it a go and see for yourself!


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