More excerpts from the Writing for Fun course……

“I arrive at the Centre. What will I find? My daughter needs support so I have come to discuss it. I don’t think I need help for myself but am nervous and sad and frustrated that my illness is affecting my family. I walk in – a friendly foyer with – always a great sign – a book case!

The colours are relaxing; the large lounge with deep blue chairs seems to invite me in. I feel at home immediately. “Would you like a drink?” Nothing is too much trouble. I feel supported here – people understand. After finding out about support for my daughter, the discussion comes round to me: what help do I need? So much on offer – relaxation skills, massage, courses to help me cope with different aspects of how my life and body have changed, and courses to give me moments of pleasurable distraction…. I relax and open up. No-one can take my cancer away and part of me wants to forget it’s there and carry on with life – but that isn’t always practical. I’m here because my daughter is fighting cancer with me – but here I don’t have to be the strong one and carry on – I can be myself with people who understand”.

Canal Walk at Timperley

As I walk through my back gate, I see the canal. The reflections of the houses, granite-grey glass, rusty-brown bricks, reflecting in the mirror of shimmering slatey grey. A swan, white and majestic as an angel, taking care of her family. Then under the grey-girded bridge – factories, gloomy-wet-weather grey – and then the scene changes again. The willow trees, a cascade of emeralds into the water; the barges, poppy red and sailors’ blue,; the sun painting the scene with golden love. Then I reach the bridge, blocked off with prison-grey bars. I can go no further”.


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