Support for you as Lockdown restrictions ease……….

This year has been like no other, although some will say there have been similarities with the war years.  During the pandemic, all of us have been affected one way or another.  Lockdown measures have created serious threats to our emotional wellbeing, particularly from loneliness. We’ve lost valuable aspects of our social connections with others, such as hugs and handshakes, social activities and simply sharing the same physical space with family and friends. We have had to cope with the loss of power and control over our lives, and maybe with the loss of our job or income. Health services have been restricted, creating difficulties in seeing health professionals and causing delays to treatments and operations. This means we or our loved ones are living in pain or fearing our condition has worsened during the delays.

Tragically, some of us may be dealing with the death of someone close to us – from Covid or another health condition. This loss could have been compounded by not being able to be with the person we love when they were dying or died and being unable to receive the usual comforting solace and support from family and friends. Restrictions on funerals have also denied us the opportunity to say goodbye in a way which is meaningful for us.

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing things might feel even less clear, and there may be new challenges. Help is available.

If you are 18yrs+ and are a Trafford resident, we can offer you face to face counselling support for a bereavement from any cause.

 The Centre can also provide emotional support for those affected by cancer –  patients, their family members and carers.

 Please ring us on 0161 746 2080 to discuss how we can help

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